Frame Grabber


BitFlow’s 6th Generation Camera Link Frame Grabbers

Product NameModelMax. CameraInterfaceBus
Axion 1xBAXN-PC2-CL-1xB1 BaseCameraLink PoCLPCIe x4
Axion 2xBAXN-PC2-CL-2xB2 BaseCameraLink PoCLPCIe x4
Axion 3xBAXN-PC2-CL-3xB3 BaseCameraLink PoCLPCIex4
Axion 4xBAXN-PC2-CL-4xB4 BaseCameraLink PoCLPCIe x4
Axion 1xEAXN-PC2-CL-1xE1 Base/Med/Full/80-bitCameraLinkPCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 2xEAXN-PC2-CL-2xE2 Base/Med/Full/80-bitCameralinkPCIe x4 Gen2
Axion 2xE-SIOAXN-PC2-CL-2xE-SIO 2 Base/Med/Full/80-bit with SIO cableCameraLinkPCIe x4 Gen2
Neon DIFNEO-PCE-DIF32-Bit, 2-ChannelLVDS


BitFlow’s CXP6 (V1.1) and CXP12 (V2.0) CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

Product Name ModelMax. CameraInterfaceBus
Aon CXPAON-CP2-CXPOne CXP-6CoaXPress V1.1PCIe x2 Gen2
Cyton CXP2CYT-PC2-CXP2Two CXP-6CoaXPress V1.1PCIe x8 Gen2
Cyton CXP4CYT-PC2-CXP4Four CXP-6CoaXPress V1.1PCIe x8 Gen2
Claxon CXP1CLX-PC3-CXP1One CXP-12CoaXPress V2.0PCIe x4 Gen3
Claxon CXP2CLX-PC3-CXP2Two CXP-12CoaXPress V2.0PCIe x8 Gen3
Claxon CXP4CLX-PC3-CXP4Four CXP-12CoaXPress V2.0PCIe x8 Gen3

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