INNOVIDEA is specialized on innovation for environment, industry and health based upon photonic. We propose solutions with infrared thermography or thermal Imaging cameras for answering your need.


Many challenges are still to be met in environment, health and science such as climate change, invasive pests, chronic pain management or cancer research… INNOVIDEA’s partners are offering potential solution based upon photonic innovation.


Core Engine Module for MWIR/LWIR Cooled Detectors / module pour détecteurs refroidis MWIR/LWIR

INNOVIDEA’s partner IDAO engineering is launching a new core engine IRENE G200 compatible with SCD MWIR/HOT MWIR detectors (Pelican-D or Kinglet, Blackbird 1280 or 1920 version) and Lynred detectors (Scorpio MWIR/LWIR, Daphnis MWIR). If you are interested by high frame rate or high resolution in cooled infrared, contact us. IDAO Engineering partenaire d’INNOVIDEA lance un …

Pine processionary treatment by drone/Traitement des chenilles processionaires par drone

Accelerating invasion of Pine Processionary (moth) in Europe is causing a challenge for public health. The urticating hairs of the caterpillars can be harmful for human and pets. Centre Drone Système Industriel CDSI, INNOVIDEA’s Partner, has developped and homologated with INRA and Fredon a dedicated payload and procedure for targeted treatment on cocoons by drone. …

SWIR fluorescence for life science – A glimpse on new biomarker imaging

Living tissue have capability to absorb and scatter photon at different depth, depending on light wavelength. For long, Near Infrared (NIR-I i.e. 700 to 950nm) portion of spectrum have demonstrated good penetration capability and have allowed various fluorescence imaging for in-vivo, thanks to contrast agent or dyes called fluophore. Several imaging techniques in this band …


Bitflow proposes frame grabbers in CoaXpress, CameraLink, Differential or Analog and software.

Centre Drone Système Industriel proposes innovative solutions for and by drone for environment

Haziel proposes expert services for building and heritage inspection by drone


IDAO Engineering proposes custom module boards for SCD or SOFRADIR cooled IR detectors in VGA and HD

Infrared Cameras Inc proposes cooled and uncooled thermography cameras fo industrial, gas detection and medical.

First Light Imaging proposes low noise, high speed and high dynamic range scientific & industrial SWIR cameras

Leida technologies proposes innovative lighting for microscopes by transmission based upon spatial and chromatique structuration

PerceptIn proposes innovative autonomous vehicles and perception sensor modules for building your own design

Photomed Technologies Inc proposes patented non invasive light therapy tool for restoring functions, hence reducing chronic pain and accelerating healing of wounds.

Réseau Mesure is an association regrouping French specialist of measurement and instrumentation that INNOVIDEA is proud to be part of.