Innovidea offers  dedicated consulting services in strategy, marketing, business development and export sales. You have a need, let’s find together the innovative solution that fits perfectly; product, technology, partner. You need a quick indentification of players in a given market for photonics or high tech product you propose in order to enrich your sales funnel, Innovidea can offer customized package.


Innovidea has been appointed to represent several innovative companies in different territories for measurement & instrumentation, industrial, security and medical markets. You can look at Partners

Products proposed emcompass:

  • Cooled (MWIR) and uncooled (LWIR) thermography and Optical Gas Imaging cameras
  • Low noise, high sensitivity, HDR and high frame rate SWIR or EMCCD cameras
  • Custom boards module/cameras based upon IR cooled detectors (VGA, HD) from SCD or LYNRED
  • Illumination source, software and turnkey solution kit for optical transmission microscopy for advanced phase contrast imaging
  • Frame grabbers in CameraLink and CoaXPress
  • Non invasive light therapy device Vari-Chrome Pro