Welding and additive manufacturing control by vision

Welding processes (MAG, MIG, TIG) and laser manufacturing (3D printing, part reloading) are increasingly using visible and infrared vision systems. Whether it is a question of checking an alignment (seam tracking) or checking the melting and/or cooling parameters of the weld pool or the heat-affected zone, cameras coupled with “computer vision” or artificial intelligence algorithms are becoming essential to ensure the traceability and quality of the work carried out. The following publication describes several solutions:

Automated control of buildings or sites by drone

The emergence of automated vehicles, particularly in the field of UAVs, opens up prospects for regular monitoring and maintenance with less risks exposure for human. Non-contact measurement, in particular by optical devices (cameras, laser-based instruments) is an area that will benefit from the deployment of this type of carrier. Several solutions are illustrated in the following publication: