Aerial solutions

ARLA 600: Ultra-Light Aircraft versatile platform with real time data transmission to the ground

ARLA 600 by ASMAN Technology integrates all the components of a surveillance system :

  • A light aircraft specifically prepared for missions in harsh environments
  • A suite of on-board sensors (electro-optical gyrostabilized with thermal infrared camera, goniometers and AIS for the real-time position of ships)
  • A mobile ground station, a Rover type portable receiver
  • A bidirectional and high speed data link allowing control the on-board camera from the ground

AERIO: Gas Leak detection services

AERIO is a service proposed by ASMAN TECHNOLOGY for gas leak detection by aircraft or multicopter UAV. Developped after several experiment at various customers, this offers encompasses use of Laser spectrometer and/or cooled MWIR Optical Gas Imaging camera (OGI) or cooled LWIR Hyperspectral Camera.