Methane Leak Detection, Quantification & Localization by drone

Methane is a powerful greehouse gas and its fugitive emissions in
Oil & Gas and Biogas industries are a challenge in term of cost, accident risk and impact on the environment. Infrared Cameras Inc, represented by INNOVIDEA outside the USA, is proposing a line of multi-sensor payloads (OGI cameras, TDLAS spectrometer) specifically designed for Oil & Gas and Biogas critical assets inspection by drone.

Regulating Pine Procesionary Population

The accelerating invasion of Pine Processionary (moth) in Europe is causing a challenge for public health. The urticating hairs of the caterpillars can be harmful for human and pets. Centre Drone Système Industriel CDSI, INNOVIDEA’s partner has developped and homologated with INRA and Fredon a dedicated payload and procedure for targeted treatment on cocoons by drone. Liquid is injected inside the cocoon hence more respectful of local environment and offering better efficiency than method based upon spraying or pulverisation.