INNOVIDEA has been selected by innovative partners to hep them to develop their business and their brands.

Main PartnersOffer
Asman TechnologyDatalink for aerial vehicles, airborne services
HazielDrone based services
IDAO EngineeringCustom cooled MWIR cameras
First Light ImagingSWIR and Low Noise Cameras
FT MesuresFiber optic sensors solutions
Leida TechnologiesPhase Imaging Microscopy
Oil & Gas TechnologiesSolution for Gas leak, fire and flame detection
PergamMethane leak detection & quantification
Photomed TechnologiesNon Invasive Light Therapy Device
Sierra Olympia Technologies IncCooled & uncooled Infrared cameras
ThermokrasiaExpertise and Services in Thermography
Xiris Automation IncVision cameras for welding and MAM
others (Infrared, UAV)consult us
Réseau MesureMeasurement companies association