Infrared Cameras

SWIR Cameras

First Light Imaging C-Red camera series

ModelWavelength (µm)Cooling MaxResolution PitchFrame rate (fps)Output
C-RED One0.8 to 2.580K320×256 24µm3500CameraLink
C-RED 20.9 to 1.7 -40°C640×512 15µm600USB3.0 CameraLink
C-RED 2 -ER1.2 to 2.15-55°C640×512 15µm600USB3.0 CameraLink
C-RED 2 Lite0.9 to 1.7Stabilized*640×512
600USB3.1 CameraLink
C-RED 30.9 to 1.7 N/A uncooled640×512
600USB3.1 CameraLink
* Possibility for customer to calibrate radiometrically for thermography via plug-in in FLIvision

Uncooled LWIR & Cooled MWIR Cameras

Uncooled camera: VayuHD (Full HD ) & Viento 10 SWAP VGA

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
VayuHD*8 to 141920X1200 12µm60Ethernet RS422 HDMI (1080p)
Viento 10*8 to 14640X512 10µm60Ethernet
Viento 12808 to 141280×1024 10µm30USB 3.0 UVCUSB3.0 UVC
* Uncooled VoX
Vidéo prise avec Vayu HD – aéroport Las Vegas (meilleure visualisation en mode plein écran)

Cooled MWIR Ventus Camera

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
Ventus Micro**3.6 to 4.2640 x512 10µm30/60Serial or EthernetH.264 NTSC/PAL, 14bit Cameralink
VentusOGI***3.2 to 3.42640 X 512 15 µm30RS232 – RS422 CameraLink, GiGE, H.264 NTSC/PAL
** SWaP Camera with 16-180mm F/3.6 continuous zoom
*** Optical Gas Imaging 542 grams with 25mm lens, – 146.6 x 70.9 x 73.1 mm – Methane + 23 other gases (VOC)

Video at

Cooled MWIR & uncooled LWIR cameras

Customized cooled cameras, module or boards using SCD or Lynred detectors (VGA, HD)

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
IRS 701 (1)3.6 to 4.9640×512 15µm120RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + PAL or NTSC
IRS 802 (2)3.6 to 4.91280×1024 10µm 57RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + HDMI 1.3
IRS 901-OEM (3)3.7 to 4.8640×512 15µm120RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + PAL or NTSC
(1) Camera with SCD Pelican D VGA (2) Camera with SCD Blackbird SXGA (3) Module with Lynred Scorpio VGA

Customized uncooled camera module

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
ISM-ATI320 (1)8 to 14320×240 12µm60I2CMIPI-CSI2
(1) Camera module with ATI320/ATI320L Lynred