Infrared Cameras

SWIR Cameras

First Light Imaging C-Red camera series

ModelWavelength (µm)Cooling MaxResolution PitchFrame rate (fps)Output
C-RED One0.8 to 2.580K320×256 24µm3500CameraLink
C-RED 20.9 to 1.7 -40°C640×512 15µm600USB3.0 CameraLink
C-RED 2 -ER1.2 to 2.15-55°C640×512 15µm600USB3.0 CameraLink
C-RED 30.9 to 1.7 N/A uncooled640×512
600USB3.1 CameraLink

Uncooled LWIR & Cooled MWIR Cameras

Uncooled camera: VayuHD (Full HD ) & Viento 10 SWAP VGA

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
VayuHD*8 to 141920X1200 12µm60Ethernet RS422 HDMI (1080p)
Viento 10*8 to 14640X512 10µm60Ethernet
Viento 12808 to 141280×1024 10µm30USB 3.0 UVCUSB3.0 UVC
* Uncooled VoX
Vidéo prise avec Vayu HD – aéroport Las Vegas (meilleure visualisation en mode plein écran)

Cooled MWIR Ventus Camera

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
Ventus Micro**3.6 to 4.2640 x512 10µm30/60Serial or EthernetH.264 NTSC/PAL, 14bit Cameralink
VentusOGI***3.2 to 3.42640 X 512 15 µm30RS232 – RS422 CameraLink, GiGE, H.264 NTSC/PAL
** SWaP Camera with 16-180mm F/3.6 continuous zoom
*** Optical Gas Imaging 542 grams with 25mm lens, – 146.6 x 70.9 x 73.1 mm – Methane + 23 other gases (VOC)

Video at

Cooled MWIR cameras

Customized cooled cameras, module or boards using SCD or Lynred detectors (VGA, HD)

ModelWavelength (µm)Resolution PitchFrame rate (fps)ControlOutput
IRS 701 (1)3.6 to 4.9640×512 15µm120RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + PAL or NTSC
IRS 802 (2)3.6 to 4.91280×1024 10µm 57RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + HDMI 1.3
IRS 901-OEM (3)3.7 to 4.8640×512 15µm120RS232GiGE, USB3.0, Cameralink + PAL or NTSC
(1) Camera with SCD Pelican D VGA (2) Camera with SCD Blackbird SXGA (3) Module with Lynred Scorpio VGA