Innovidea has been appointed to represent several innovative companies in different territories for measurement & instrumentation, industrial, security and medical markets. You can look at Partners

Products proposed emcompass:

  • Frame grabbers in CameraLink and CoaXpress
  • Cooled and uncooled IR thermography cameras
  • High sensitivity and high frame rate SWIR or EMCCD cameras
  • Custom boards module/cameras based upon IR cooled detectors (VGA, HD) from SCD or LYNRED
  • Non invasive light therapy device Vari-Chrome Pro


Innovidea offers consulting services in strategy, marketing, business development and export sales. You have a need, let’s find together the innovative solution that fits perfectly; product, technology, partner. You need a quick indentification of players in a given market for photonics or high tech product you propose in order to enrich your sales pipe, Innovidea can offer customized package.