Advanced Vision for Welding and DED

Xiris Appoints New Distributor for France

TIG welding captured with XIR1800 thermal camera

Burlington, Ontario, Canada, March 2022 – Xiris Automation is pleased to announce that INNOVIDEA SAS has been appointed as its new distributor of Xiris Weld Camera products for France. 

M. Jean-Louis Lauront, president of INNOVIDEA, is a long time participant in the French market for scientific and advanced technology cameras.  Based in Paris, he will provide turnkey sales and support for the Xiris XVC and thermal weld camera product lines to end users, research institutions and machine builders for monitoring live welding and metal additive manufacturing processes to detect process and quality issues.

In entering into this relationship with INNOVIDEA, Cameron Serles, Managing Director for Xiris Automation Europe explains, “This appointment reflects our confidence in an excellent partner who has many years of experience selling advanced technology cameras to the welding industry and related markets, combining extensive academic and industrial equipment knowledge.  INNOVIDEA shares our values of a high level of commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of technical knowledge.” 

Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in developing optical equipment used for process and quality control across a number of specialty industries. With an extensive product line, Xiris provides some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers with the ability to detect, recognize, and interpret quality defects in their manufactured goods.

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Methane Leak Hunting

Detection tests conducted by Asman Technology for GRTgaz

ASMAN TECHNOLOGY and INNOVIDEA won altogether end of 2020 the OPEN INNOVATION contest from GRTgaz on “How to remotely detect possible gas leaks on the network?”

A proof of concept has been achieved succesfully at Jonzac Aeropole in September 2021 with different instruments embarked on ARLA600 light aircraft for detecting simulated methane leak on the ground.

Best results were done with TELOPS LWIR hyperspectral camera.

SWIR Fluorescence for Life Science research

C-RED 2 camera from First Light Imaging: a great solution for small animals imaging

INNOVIDEA is pleased to share the detailed white paper about the use of the C-RED 2 from my partner First Light Imaging in the most advanced SWIR fluorescence technologies. Go for an outstanding performing tool for helping help your research in pharmaceutical, diagnostic or surgery. Feel free to contact us should you require additional infos.

OQaPI software for phase imaging microscopy

Leida technologies releases improved version of OQaPI image post processing software

INNOVIDEA’s partner Leida technologies announces that a new version of its OQaPI software for phase images processing in microscopy is available. Thanks to a machine learning system, the process time has been reduced by a factor of 4. This version supports French and English languages (with automatic language detection).

OQaPI is a software, compatible with ImageJ, allowing to get two types of phase images: Differential Phase-Contrast images and phase images. Another functionality of OQaPI is calculating a bright field image: with some objects, this method presents a better spatial resolution than the one given by classical bright field illumination (Köhler illumination).

Scientific high speed CMOS camera

Did you say innovative and versatile altogether ?

The brand new C-Blue One camera from First Light imaging (Innovidea’s partner) belongs to this category.
This high resolution 1 608 x 1 104, high speed 660 fps, low noise <3e-, global shutter visible CoaxPress camera can be used in both astronomy/adaptive optics for guides stars and also in microscopy for Förster Resonance Energy Transfer.
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Altamira kit for microscope

Microscopy phase imaging made simple

INNOVIDEA is delighted to help Leida Technologies launching internationally Altamira, its multimodal phase imaging kit for optical transmission microscopes .

Altamira is a turnkey, affordable solution compatible with many microscope brands and models (Leica, Leitz, Nikon, Olympus, Realux, Zeiss,…). It opens advanced microscopy observation possibilities; real time differential phase contrast, anomal phase contrast, 3D reconstruction.

It is an ideal solution for many fields such as microbiology, oceanography, palinology, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. More to discover about blood disease, plankton, pollen,…

Claxon CXP4: 12Gb/s in CoaXPress

Go for the latest BITFLOW’s frame grabber

INNOVIDEA proposes now in France the Claxon CXP4 CoaXPress2.0 frame grabber from BITFLOW.

Offering twice the speed of CoaXPress 1.1, this frame grabber supports up to 4 cameras in CXP12 ou CXP10 and is therefore ideal for multicamera systems. User can benefit of a single coax with 12Gb/s data rate up to 30 meters. Contact us for more information.

µLight Gen II from Leida Technologies

New innovative light source for microscopy

Based on a spatial and chromatic structuring of light, the illumination source μlight Gen II from LeidaTechnologies – partner of INNOVIDEA – innovates in transmission optical microscopy.

It allows observation in conventional techniques (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast) with very fine adjustment of colorimetry and easy automation via its software μLight CS (SDK available). Usable with conventional microscopes, old or new, inverted or straight, it allows observations generally not accessible on these instruments: oblique illumination, differential phase contrast or with brightfield lenses, on-line digital holography, Fourier ptychography.

The main applications cover life sciences (cell imaging, microbiology), food and materials (particle analysis, polymers, optics).

IRENE G200 from IDAO Engineering

Core Engine Module for MWIR/LWIR Cooled Detectors

INNOVIDEA’s partner IDAO engineering is launching a new core engine IRENE G200 compatible with SCD MWIR/HOT MWIR detectors (Pelican-D or Kinglet, Blackbird 1280 or 1920 version) and Lynred detectors (Scorpio MWIR/LWIR, Daphnis MWIR).

If you are interested by high frame rate or high resolution in cooled infrared, contact us.