Stake of industrial methane leaks

Drone payload for methane detection, quantifcation and localization

Methane CH4 is a critical greenhouse gas after C02 that has a high power of global warming. It is therefore essential to limit its non natural emission portion especially as scientists worry about permafrost defreezing.

Oil & gas companies have recently recognized the stake linked to fugitive emission that may arise to their assets along all process cycle (drilling, transport, storage, refining). The new biogas industry must also look into it. It is mandatory to fight efficiently any industrial leaks that can be found.

Infrared Cameras Inc turnkey and off the shelf solution for drone (UAV/UAS) in Optical Gas Imaging camera and spectrometer (represented by INNOVIDEA in Europe) constitute an efficient answer already with proven track in North America. The VGA Mirage camera coupled with 20Mpixels Sony and TDLAS spectrometer, all real time controlled from the ground through a single control module allow accurate detection and quantification. Cost of their use is quickly amortized when you add the decrease of accident risks, gas savings and impact on environment.