µLight Gen II from Leida Technologies

New innovative light source for microscopy

Based on a spatial and chromatic structuring of light, the illumination source μlight Gen II from LeidaTechnologies – partner of INNOVIDEA – innovates in transmission optical microscopy.

It allows observation in conventional techniques (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast) with very fine adjustment of colorimetry and easy automation via its software μLight CS (SDK available). Usable with conventional microscopes, old or new, inverted or straight, it allows observations generally not accessible on these instruments: oblique illumination, differential phase contrast or with brightfield lenses, on-line digital holography, Fourier ptychography.

The main applications cover life sciences (cell imaging, microbiology), food and materials (particle analysis, polymers, optics).

IRENE G200 from IDAO Engineering

Core Engine Module for MWIR/LWIR Cooled Detectors

INNOVIDEA’s partner IDAO engineering is launching a new core engine IRENE G200 compatible with SCD MWIR/HOT MWIR detectors (Pelican-D or Kinglet, Blackbird 1280 or 1920 version) and Lynred detectors (Scorpio MWIR/LWIR, Daphnis MWIR).

If you are interested by high frame rate or high resolution in cooled infrared, contact us.

Fighting Pine processionary proliferation

Innovative Treatment by drone from CDSI

Accelerating invasion of Pine Processionary (moth) in Europe is causing a challenge for public health. The urticating hairs of the caterpillars can be harmful for human and pets.

Centre Drone Système Industriel CDSI, INNOVIDEA’s Partner, has developped and homologated with INRA and Fredon a dedicated payload and procedure for targeted treatment on cocoons by drone.

Liquid is injected inside the cocoon hence more respectful of local environment and offering better efficiency than method based upon spraying or pulverisation.

SWIR fluorescence for life science

A glimpse on new biomarker imaging from INNOVIDEA & FLI

Living tissue have capability to absorb and scatter photon at different depth, depending on light wavelength. For long, Near Infrared (NIR-I i.e. 700 to 950nm) portion of spectrum have demonstrated good penetration capability and have allowed various fluorescence imaging for in-vivo, thanks to contrast agent or dyes called fluophore. Several imaging techniques in this band were possible thanks to highly sensitive CDD or S-CMOS for the benefit of biomedical research or clinical application.

Recently, the shift to higher wavelength fluorescence imaging in SWIR or NIR II (1000nm to 1350nm) region has drawn great attention worldwide. Here are a few example of research and innovation in this field:

New fluorescent nanomaterials called NIR-I to NIR-II  – such as carbon nanotubes, quantum dots or polymer nanoparticles – replace or complement fluophore. They allow imaging in SWIR band, their light emission when excited in the NIR band. This reduces interference of photon absorption, scattering and autofluorescence.

Recent progress in fluorescent DNA aptamers permits to recognize cancer biomarkers on soluble or membrane bound form. Other works conducted this time with RNA aptamer tags have open the possibility to look into intracellular processes for better understanding cellular signaling and physiology.

Another promising technology for instance makes use of SWIR light for exciting various rare earth nanocrystals dyes that accumulate at disease sites. It allows earlier detection of cancer than MRI or NIR imaging.Finally, for medical use, existing probes like the Indocyanine Green (ICG) which is FDA approved and widely used, is now known to have strong emission in the infrared, greatly simplifying the process for new therapeutic applications or experimentations.

The scope of applications is large, especially in cancer domain but not only, as can be seen in this non exhaustive list:

  1. In-vivo pre and post treatment,
  2. Diagnosis,
  3. Therapy, or sometimes both diagnosis and therapy at same time,
  4. Surgery (suppressing need for lymph node biopsies),
  5. Cardiovascular lesion,
  6. Mass spectrometry imaging, …

The C-RED 2 cameras from First Light Imaging use at -40°C have shown their outstanding capability thanks to the unique combination of performances (readout noise <30 electrons, 600FPS frame rate and 93dB dynamic range at the same time). They outperform deeper cooled cameras at a more affordable cost.

If interested, please go to contact

Stake of industrial methane leaks

Drone payload for methane detection, quantifcation and localization

Methane CH4 is a critical greenhouse gas after C02 that has a high power of global warming. It is therefore essential to limit its non natural emission portion especially as scientists worry about permafrost defreezing.

Oil & gas companies have recently recognized the stake linked to fugitive emission that may arise to their assets along all process cycle (drilling, transport, storage, refining). The new biogas industry must also look into it. It is mandatory to fight efficiently any industrial leaks that can be found.

Infrared Cameras Inc turnkey and off the shelf solution for drone (UAV/UAS) in Optical Gas Imaging camera and spectrometer (represented by INNOVIDEA in Europe) constitute an efficient answer already with proven track in North America. The VGA Mirage camera coupled with 20Mpixels Sony and TDLAS spectrometer, all real time controlled from the ground through a single control module allow accurate detection and quantification. Cost of their use is quickly amortized when you add the decrease of accident risks, gas savings and impact on environment.

Innovation in Light Therapy

Photomed Technologies Inc unveiled its Vari Chrome Pro at A4M

INNOVIDEA is cooperating for a long time now with Photomed Technologies Inc in Kensington, CA in USA founded and managed by Allan Gardiner. Him and his son Jake were participating to the annual world congress of A4M (American Academy of Anti -Aging) in December and they both demonstrated the Vari-Chrome Pro non invasive light therapy tool.

The promising outcome for his invention opens new horizon in pain and wound domain. It is proposed as a turnkey platform called Rapid Confirmation System comprising Vari-Chrome Pro Device, Infared Cameras Inc 9640 medical thermography camera, visible 6Mpixels HDR camera for real time recording during therapy.

ENOVA Paris 23&24/10 – INNOVIDEA H51 Hall 4

Come and see us this Tuesday and Wednesday at booth H51 hall 4 in Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center for ENOVA Paris 2018. The products from BITFLOW (Aon, Cyton, Axion) and INFRARED CAMERAS INC (amongst other their IR PAD ) will be displayed. We will be pleased to dicsuss your needs for Frame Grabbers and for Thermography solution (handhled, fixed mount or for UAV inspection or Gas Detection)

IR PAD 640

BITFLOW appoints INNOVIDEA as French partner – BITFLOW choisit INNOVIDEA comme partenaire exclusif en France

We are pleased to annouce that BITFLOW Inc has appointed INNOVIDEA as its exclusive distribution partner for France. All frame grabbers and software from its range are available; CoaXpress, CameraLink, Differential and Analog. SDK proposed support Windows version including XP, 7, 8 or 10. Drivers are available off the shelf for MATLAB, LabVIEW, HALCON, Vision Pro and many other image processing package.

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que Bitflow a désigné INNOVIDEA comme son distributeur exclusif pour la France. Tous les cartes d’acquisition de sa gamme sont disponibles ; CoaXpress, CameraLink, Differential et Analog. Le SDK proposé est compatible des versions Windows XP, 7, 8 et 10. Les pilotes sont disponibles en standard pour MATLAB, LabVIEW, HALCON, Vision Pro et de nombreuses autres solutions de traitement d’images.

INNOVIDEA is born – INNOVIDEA est née

I am pleased to join the entrepreneur’s club and start the web site of my new company. Innovation and International are my DNA and I want other innovative entrepreneurs to take profit of my skills and experience.

Je suis heureux d’avoir rejoint le club des entrepreneurs et de démarrer l’activité digitale de ma nouvelle entreprise. L’innovation et l’international font partie de mon ADN et je souhaite mettre au service d’autres entrepreneurs innovants mes talents et mon expérience.

Jean-Louis Lauront